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News and Important Mod Note

Dorama News:

The first episode of Last Friends aired yesterday and will be aired every Thursday. Singer Utada Hikaru sings the opening song: Prisoner of Love.

The cast of Last Friends appeared on the show Waratte Iitomo on April 7, 2008. They were competing against other cast members from this Springs doramas (CHANGE, Zettai Kareshi, and several other doramas). Yes Asami is there too. You actually get to watch her use a bow and arrow (and it's really impressive). I think that's her second time there. The first time was with the cast of Nodame Cantabile.

Asami News

She updated her website again. I'll try and get her messages translated.

Her newest message is here. If you want to see it. She talks about Last Friends in that one. I'll try and get it translated.

Mod Note:

Also I'm switching the mod over to twoeyesonesoul. Also if anyone wants to be a second mod then please let me know. Contact me through twoeyesonesoul (yes that's me)
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