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There can only be one ruler, but what if this power lies in the hands of many?

The Kingdom of Estienne tethers at the brink of civil war. Its King can barely hold together his gradually disaffected Court, let alone lead a nation. Disorder and poverty threaten to curse its People. Danger looms constantly from its borders. In shadows both turbulent and silent, one's closest confidante could become a most feared enemy, alliances are forged and broken, blood ties corrode in the face of glory. Power, not loyalty, will soon become the currency of the realm.

From the crown ensemble rise two separate factions -- the House of Wyndham for the King, and the House of Avalon lead by a rival Duke with a powerful claim to the throne. For the People of Estienne too, no doubt sides will be taken, stories heard and moves, planned -- all for future execution.

But from this, the most unlikely of heroes could rise. Stars may forever change their course, all at your bidding. Courage will be tested; choices will show your true self. Your heart may be the ultimate key to survival... or lead you to a lifetime of regrets.

What is life but a game? And this may be the most dangerous one you'll ever play.

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This community has just opened, and Asami is still avaliable for claiming. Everyone is welcome to check out the community, we sincerely hope that you can join us! ♥
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